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Fortnite Creative World Cup: Best Opportunity To Display Innovative Skills and Win $3 MILLION

What is Fortnite Creative World Cup?

Epic games just announced on their official website about new $3 million Fortnite creative world cup. Fornite players will be able to win it solely on their abilities. It includes five different events each having multiple creative trials. There will be unique type of games in every creative event. It will be held in New York from July 26 to 28 and fifteen players will be selected to compete against each other in this world cup for winning amount of $3 million. Epic games main purpose behind holding this cup is to broaden its audience by attracting more gamers beyond the E sports crowd. The game was launched in December and has been constantly growing since then. Fans are so enthusiastic and thrilled to take part in this remarkable world cup.

How Will Players Qualify?

Players will participate against each other in creative trials from April 26 to June 7. The gamers have to submit their best creative videos on YouTube by using event precise hashtag and will be judged by Special Fortnite captains. These captains will pick the top submissions and reveal their creators as winners. Chosen winners will be able to go to New York to compete in Fortnite creative world cup finals.

Faze Clan’s Cizzore, a popular content creator known for his Death run creations will build and judge the first creative Trial. News about every week new trial and other judges will be posted on their social networks. Stay tuned and follow all the accounts.


This world cup provides an amazing chance to players to show their creative skills. Players have been given full freedom to design their own approaches, tactics, mini experiences and levels. It is a great chance for ambitious and fresh players. The contestants should be 13 years of age or older. Minors should have written permission from parents or legal guardians as a requirement. If any competitor is elected as one of the 15 Finalists, $5,000 will be awarded to them and assured spot in Fortnite creative world cup finals. This world cup will be held alongside 2019 Fortnite World cup. Full list of rules and regulations is released on Epic games official social channels. Even you are lacking in Battle Royale skills but have a strong hold on creative efforts then you cannot miss this opportunity at any cost. It is really astounding to see this new creative mode because in the past all the events were centered on fighting and shooting games but in order to increase game’s longevity, it is necessary to introduce new modes and styles. This is a great risky step by Epic games to set aside a large amount of $100 million just for tournaments. This event will be held at the 23,000-seat Arthur Ashe Stadium in New York City. Qualifications for all the tournaments are already underway. Do not be late and start creating.

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